Greenwoods was developed together with leading experts to meet the specific needs of your small pet:

Greenwoods Dwarf Rabbit food and Greenwoods Guinea Pig food are innovative, species appropriate feeds for your small pets. The natural, all-in-one hay cobs are a great way to meet the nutritional needs of your pet which preventing selective feeding. The cobs contain all the nutrients and vitamins your pet needs to stay healthy. They are made from succulent green plants, grasses and herbs and very well accepted. The high fibre content encourages tooth abrasion and a healthy digestive system. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements help to support healthy cells and a strong immune system.

Greenwoods Wet Food for Ferrets was also developed together with veterinarians. Ferrets are carnivorous by nature and they need a protein-rich diet. Top quality, protein-rich Greenwoods Ferret Food is made with low-fat chicken and ensures that your pet enjoys tasty, healthy meals which meets their nutritional requirements. The list of ingredients is a true declaration of what this food contains and also indicates the quantities of meat ingredients used.

Greenwoods Meadow Hay is a tasty dried hay which is enriched with wild apple, dandelion or carrot. It contains a mix of dried grasses and herbs to provide your pet with vital raw fibre as well as important vitamins and minerals. It is a delicious supplement to your pet’s daily diet.

Greenwoods Small Pet food is made using only natural ingredients. It is free from sugar, artificial aromas, antioxidants, colour and preservatives.